Saturday, 10 January 2009

my week of name calling and violence

Having watched panorama about bullying this week I have just been called a 'batty boy' by two lads in the local Sainsburys!  It took me a while to work out why they were chuntering on, and then I realised they were talking about my footwear.   Apparently the shoes I was wearing can determine my sexual orientation.  

I was also at the train station yesterday and I could hear a woman screaming.  She was being held by a man, who I assume was her partner and he wouldn't let her go.  In a brilliant show of human solidarity the two hundred or so people who could also hear it, put their heads down and looked the other way.   I eventually found a community police officer by which time they had moved on.  It is always horrible to witness violence, and particularly when it is clearly within a domestic relationship.  I don't think I could have helped by intervening myself - it would probably have made the situation worse and at the same time I wish I could have found security or the police sooner.  I hope she is ok. 


Millie said...
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Millie said...

The amount of times people put labels on people for things like their shoes, having the 'wrong' side of their nose pierced etc is unreal.

I for one have never fitted the 'butch' stereotype because it isn't me.

It doesn't matter what clothes you wear, it is who you are that counts.

Something I wrote not so long ago about Homophobia and bullying:
Underminding, judging, ridiculing
Can you ever stop your critism?
Where in your parents guide does it say
Your daughters not allowed to be gay
Where in your headmasters book
Does being homosexual generate hate?
No, no, no you can't take away the truth

It's illegal, discrimination it's against the law
And you with your good citizen stance
Hide behind your respected status
But you break the law like the racists
Can you please answer me this?
Why, oh why? Do you feel the need to slate us?

What kind of person are you
Stopping innocent people living freely
Just because you call us names
Won't make you any better
Won't make you nicer
And it won't change me!

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