Friday, 23 January 2009

Brook’s strategic framework

I am immensely proud of our new strategic framework for 2009 – 2019 which we have launched this week – both the outcome (you can find the document at and the process that we went through. As a network, with huge diversity in the shape and size of service provision we worked hard, listened hard and consulted hard to define our core business and to establish our mission, vision, values and strategic goals.

It is an ambitious framework - we have committed to double our reach and impact over the next decade, involve young people in all of our work, continually strengthen and improve our practice, provide value for money as well as quantify and demonstrate our impact.

Brook is an exciting place to work, made enjoyable by the creativity, the passion and the commitment of a wide group of staff, volunteers and trustees and the very real difference we make to the lives of the 1500 young people we see every day.


Millie said...

Am I being blind or is it only the 2005-2008 plan on there?

Natalie said...

Hi Millie
I'm Natalie, Brook's press officer, apologies that the strategic framework wasn't on the website on Friday - just to let you know it's on there now and the weblink is

Millie said...

Thanks Natalie.

I'm just about to leave for College but will be sure to have a read either there or when I get home.

At least I'm not losing my marbles *grins*