Monday, 21 May 2007

Making time to listen

One of the high points of last week: the manager of Ask Brook is taking the lead for young people’s participation at Brook’s central office. She is tasked with ensuring young people are at the beginning, middle and end of everything we do. Next week a young woman who is part of the Education 2 Employment scheme will begin six weeks’ work experience with us. At our team meeting we reminded each other of the opportunities and challenges this affords us. In essence the message was ‘this means we will have to change the way all of us work. We will all need to make time and prepared to listen and help and receive feedback about the way we do things’. The feeling amongst the team is excited trepidation and a desire to make it a good experience. What a privilege to lead a team that are really willing to change the way they work ensure we meet the needs of those we are here to support. We intend to have young people from our local communities on work experience with us all the time. Watch this space - there will be many lessons for sure.

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