Friday, 4 May 2007

Brook meets the young farmers

Last weekend Brook had a stand at the National Federation of Young Farmers Clubs annual convention in Torquay. Five people from across the Brook Network gave out condoms and talked with delegates about sex, sexually transmitted infections and sexual health on two of the three big ‘disco’ nights. We also ran a quiz about sexual health which included the question “what is the most important thing for you to know about sexual health?” Among the responses: “be careful it can kill you”; “it’s good fun”; “always use a condom”; and “practice often but be safe”.

Both Brook and Young Farmers staff observed how much more confident people were coming to our stand on the second night to ask for condoms or advice. We know that changing cultures and attitudes towards condoms requires community interventions. We need to promote dialogue with young people and make the issue visible.

We enjoyed ourselves thoroughly and are now busy identifying other opportunities like this through which we can help make condoms a mandatory requirement for young people on a big night out.


Neggy said...

I was reading your blog and i was giving a view to
Its a great help to us teenagers to read all this things about sex, especially in our age.
I ill see the page carefully, so ill not ask somethign that appears on it before.

Great blog.


Writer Girl said...

I never thought of the Young Farmers as a potential place for outreach - but i used to be a country girl (thank god no longer!) and rural young people are often more isolated and lacking access to services that young people in the cities take for granted.

Simon Blake, Chief Executive Brook said...

It is great that you have given some views to Brook's aim is to make sure that all young people get access to the help and support they need about sex and relationships. If you do want to ask a question you can contact our ASK BROOK Advisors. There is a telephone helpline or you can ask them a question on line. Find out more at our website