Friday, 6 July 2012

Lewis and Macaulay take over my blog: Stephen Twigg's visit to Brook in Liverpool

On the 8th June 2012 we went to Brook Liverpool to meet one of the out gay MP’s – Stephen Twigg. We were keen to meet him because of how influential and supportive he is towards LGBT issues. The room we were allocated was quite big so we arranged different stations around the room in a way that we could showcase all of the work that Brook does. When Mr Twigg arrived at Brook, we were all a bit nervous to start, but as he moved around the room to speak at all of our stations, things got easier.

We talked to Mr Twigg about the impact that the internet and media has on the sexualisation of young people and Macaulay talked specifically about how pornography affects how people view sex, Macaulay also talked about how he learnt about sex from 3 different sources (‘Porn, me Nan and Brook’).

When Mr Twigg got to the ‘Work It Out’ station which looks at LGBT issues, Lewis talked about how common homophobia is in schools, and how some schools don’t tackle it, he also discussed with Mr Twigg about how Sex and Relationships Education is not taught in all PSHE Education Lessons as a core topic, and how some schools do not teach it at all due to religious beliefs.

Overall, we found Mr Twigg to be an open, honest and respectful person who is willing to listen to whatever views we share, we would like to thank him for coming to visit us and we hope to see him again in the future.

Lewis and Macaulay

Work it Out is Brook’s LGBT service for young people who either identify as gay/trans or those who are questioning/exploring their sexuality. Young people aged 14-18 years old meet weekly as a group as well as having the opportunity to participate in regular events and activities. The main aim of Work it Out is to support young people to build a sense of positive identify, increase confidence and self esteem and to provide an opportunity to talk to other young people who are going through similar experiences in a confidential and supportive environment.


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'Porn, me Nan and Brook’ Best quote in the blog I must say! - Lewis Collins :)

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