Thursday, 1 July 2010

World first in sexual health as ‘My Contraception Tool’ launched

Simon is away so we wanted to make sure readers of the blog are aware of this outstanding tool to help people make effective contraveptive choices.

Sexual health charities Brook and FPA today launched My Contraception Tool (v1.0) a unique, evidence-based web tool designed to support people’s contraceptive choices by evaluating their preferences and priorities as well as their physical needs. This new web tool is expected to fundamentally change contraceptive consultations - empowering people’s choice and giving invaluable support to busy health professionals.

Eighteen months in development, and launched simultaneously on both organisations’ websites, the tool combines specialist software, research, expertise in decision making and sexual health and months of user involvement and consultation. Using the latest research into every method of contraception, the circumstances, medical history and personal preferences are input by the user online. These data are then processed and each contraceptive method is ranked in order to suit individual needs.

People can log on to My Contraception Tool at or and answer questions about their lifestyle, medical history and their priorities in terms of contraception.

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