Tuesday, 18 May 2010

National Condom Week - AGAIN

I am starting to measure my years in how quickly national condom week comes around - this is now the fourth NCW since I have been at Brook, and it seems inconceivable that it is a year since I was setting the challenge to answer condoms to any questions you are asked, just for a laugh, and to see people's face as you do so. Over the last four years, this challenge has been met with extreme reactions - at the one end, it has been suggested I should be punched and at the other people have emailed to say it has made them laugh and the other person bemused, and others have said it stimulated some really interesting conversation. Try it and see what response you get. I take no responsibility if you get the punch.

It has been a good year for condoms the regulations were finally changed and condoms can now be advertised on TV subject to some being kept away from the under 10s and complying with strict rules on taste, decency and socially responsible advertising.

Given the changes to condom advertising, Durex, has this week launched a competition to 'create the next ad' asking people to create the next TV ad for Durex. You can find details at www.durex.co.uk/durextv

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