Monday, 9 February 2009

Google response on the status of the clitoris and the importance of getting our voices heard

In November I posted a comment saying I was writing to google to ask why clitoris was banned from in their safe search option when penis and scrotum were not.  Last week someone called to say it was a technical issue and they were going to look into it.  He agreed to contact me when it was sorted.  I will keep you informed.

He also said that he was pleased to receive a letter which was supportive of work on sexual rights, as a lot of their feedback in this area is complaining.   This is a theme I keep on hearing - in recent meetings with parliamentarians I am getting feedback that the vocal minority who oppose sex and relationships education are writing to their MPs since the government announcement of their intention to make Personal, Social and Health Education statutory in schools.   Yet those of who are delighted about this have not written to show our support.  If we want to build the confidence of organisations like google, and parliamentarians who are there to represent us, to contribute to cultural change we must give positive feedback when we are pleased with their behaviours as much as we must make our views known when we are not. 


Tony Comstock said...

Hello Simon,

I don't know if you are aware, the Google SafeSearch results for [clitoris] vs. [penis] was something I discovered and posted to my blog. From there it was picked up by Susie Bright, and then out to the world from there.

I can say with absolute certainty that this is not a "technical issue" on google's part. Naturally I am very curious to here their further explanation to you.

Simon Blake said...


really happy to discuss this further with us - give me a call at the office on 020 7284 6040 if you want to discuss this further.

I would be interested to understand about the technical issue.