Friday, 17 October 2008

Abortion - the real moral argument

When it comes to abortion in the UK, the real moral argument is the discrimination experienced by woman in Northern Ireland as a result of inequitable laws preventing access to abortion in Northern Ireland.

Mary O'Hara puts a compelling and clear case todays' Guardian. It is an important article that sets out so clearly the reason the Abortion Act 0f 1967 must be extended to Northern Ireland.

The vote is on October 22nd. We have one last chance over the next five days to ensure the voice of the majority is heard loud and clear - the inequality must end, the rights of women are not a political football and women in Northern Ireland - real women with real experiences and real feelings - must finally be afforded the same access as women in other parts of the UK. Don't leave this opportunity to chance or expect that other people will make it happen - write to your MP now and make your view known.

Abortion Rights have a draft letter and details of MPs available via their website

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