Friday, 22 August 2008

New resource for working with people with learning disabilities

The sexuality of people with learning disabilities is often ignored, hidden or simply not talked about.   Whilst much excellent practice has been developed in sex and relationships education in both schools and the community, a well intentioned desire to protect, a lack of confidence about when, where and how and a lack of ongoing training and support of professionals, means we still have a long way to go before young people with learning disabilities consistently get the education, services and support they need to be empowered to enjoy and take responsibility for their sexuality.

FPA has produced a compelling self advocacy and educational resource and a powerful set of posters which will help all of us in making empowerment of people with learning disabilities one step closer.  

The link to the demo of the DVD is

Image in Action is an organisation that have pioneered drama based work with people with learning disabilities - Brook sells their excellent activity pack On the Agenda, in our publication catalogue, visit to find out more about the resource.

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