Sunday, 27 July 2008

Sex, relationships, contraception and choice

Brook has been working with young people to produce an introductory guide to sex, relationships, contraception and choice.  It is written for both young men and young women and fits in the back pocket, a bag or a purse.   Young people were involved all the way through so it uses language that they advised would work, and a style which works for them. 

Once again it picks up the three themes so central to Brook's work - choice, real active choice to have sex or not have sex, what protection to use etc; enjoyment - it is sometimes easy in the policy discourses we work in to forget that at the centre of our work on sex and sexuality is empowerment so all of us can enjoy the sex and relationships we have; and finally responsibility - with rights to education and services come responsibilities to ourselves and others to take control of and manage our sexual health and our well being.

I am proud of the young people and the workers who worked hard, debated well, came up with an end product that I am really confident that it is a useful addition to the existing range of leaflets available to help doctors, nurses, youth workers, teachers and all those involved in supporting young people.  

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