Sunday, 18 May 2008

Abortion - defend the 24 week time limit NOW

This week parliament will be voting on women's rights to abortion. Despite medical consensus that the time limit should stay at 24 weeks, there is a lot of anti-choice activity trying to reduce this time limit. This is not progressive, sensible or helpful for women. Any reduction in the time limit is only going to punish those people in the most difficult circumstances and will likely have a particular impact on young people.

If you read my previous blogs on abortion you will see some of the positive changes Brook would like to see and the reasons why.

Defend women's rights to 24 weeks - visit Brook's website to find out more about the bill going through parliament and visit to get your voice heard - if we don't speak out, women, and their partners in difficult circumstances will pay the price.

It may be 22 weeks they go for this time....what next 20 weeks, 18 weeks, 16 weeks....

I am proud to live in the UK and proud of our progress in securing sexual and reproductive rights for all - I hope to still be proud when this Bill is completed.

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