Sunday, 6 April 2008

new guide on sexual health outreach

We have just published a guide on sexual health outreach. It is a really good publication. It helps to bring sexual health outreach into the mainstream and provides clear advice and guidance on how to design and deliver effective activity.

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mark said...

Tonie Konig said...

Sexual health is and always has been one of the foundation blocks in any couples relationship. We are incredibly sensitive to the slightest changes in our or our partners attitude towards sex.

Libido and Health

John said...

Abuse of the ED drugs is a much serious and discussed topic. Levitra is often dubbed as the safest of the lot. Unfortunately it has its share of side-effects and very effective ones at that. A few months back, the FDA asked the manufacturers of levitra to make amends to its labels and declare that the drug might adversely affect a person’s eyesight and hearing.

sexualhealthindia said...

Nice blog about sexual health
Premature ejaculation is commonly reported as the most common male sexual problem of all ages. The Global Study on Sexual Attitude and Behaviours (2005) did collect data on the prevalence of PE from many countries around the world but did not collect for India.

Premature Ejaculation