Friday, 11 January 2008

A pat on the back and fresh inspiration

I was at a seminar just before Christmas - yes everyone was a bit tired from too many parties and self imposed deadlines - however i was struck by a sense of people being 'fed up' and demoralised. There were too many conversations about being 'red lighted', not meeting the 15% target for chlamydia screening, STI rates going up and so on and so forth.

Sometimes it does feel all up hill. Our motivation can dwindle as our efforts do not have the immediate impact we hope for. When this happens stop, turn around and see how far we have come. Think about two or three things that you are proud of; how much we, as a country have learnt since the teenage pregnancy strategy was published in 1999; how many young people have better access to services, to better sex and relationships education and to better one to one support when they need it.

On February 12th, Brook will be celebrating the achievements of young people and professionals working hard to make a difference at an awards event. Hosted by a Brook Ambassador Mica Paris, the awards event and our annual conference the following day have been organised with young people. Both will celebrate our successes, remind us to give ourselves a pat on the back, provide some fresh inspiration, new thinking and practical ideas. As well as that Mica is going to sing a song for us.

Visit to find out more and book online. Come be inspired, give and get some pats on the back.

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