Friday, 5 October 2007

Beautiful Within...

Finding happiness and confidence within your own skin, ( is the name of Brook’s ambassador, Mica Paris’ new book. In the introduction she states ‘every woman has it in her to create the life she really wants. We can do whatever we like, be anything we choose. All that stops us is that we don’t think we can.’ How sadly true for so many people young and old today.

When I was growing up I used to visit an ‘old lady’ Mrs O’Brien, mostly on Sundays. She probably has no idea how much she influenced me by regaling with her stories of love, loss, happiness, the importance of grabbing your chances and most importantly to remember there were always choices. Thank you Edith! I often talked of the problems and difficulties of ‘a friend’ and went away confident in my decision (sometimes to find she was wrong and I was in trouble!). But too many people don’t have an Edith.

And at Brook we see many of those young people without the confidence and self esteem, or the emotional and social skills to take control of their lives. Their dreams shattered by their experience of love and care, pressure and influence, they lose confidence and hope, and settle for second best in all areas of their lives, including sex and relationships.

Brook’s mission is ‘to enable all people to make informed choices about their personal and sexual relationships so that they can enjoy their sexuality without harm’. It is our joint belief and commitment that (young people) have the power to create the life they want that has led us to work together.

Mica’s story provides many practical ideas and personal insights that will be helpful for women, young women and for those that work with them. At Brook we look forward to working with Mica to change the world by helping young people change it for themselves. If I take anything from the book it is a reminder that there is nothing ‘nice’ about hiding talent, nothing brilliant about ‘settling for our lot’ and that sometimes choices are difficult and life it tough, but with a dollop of courage and lots of support there is always hope for fulfilment and happiness.

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