Saturday, 30 June 2007

what a treat

A very good friend of mine who lives in New Zealand has been staying at my flat this week with my godson who is a baby/toddler of 18 months. Both are absolutely divine to have around. And i was enthralled and delighted watching him grasp new things, meet new people, new words and new ideas. What a treat to have them here. To celebrate their visit and another friend moving to Australia we had a BBQ last night. The rain held off. Some friends who i see regularly and those i haven't seen for a while came. We had a great evening that went on too late, but felt too short, and as people left we all pronounced how silly it is not to see each other often and we promised we would not leave it so long this time.

And this morning as I clear up the mess I really hope that it is true. Having done lots of sex education with young people about friendship and on occassion the activities i have used have felt a bit trite, and today i wonder if we really do enough to help young people develop a range of friendships and provide opportunities and learning which enable them to experience the fun, the support and the joy that i do from mine.

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