Sunday, 21 March 2010

Launch of the Brook 100 Club

On Thursday Brook launched the Brook 100 Club, a major donor fundraising programme in the run up to our 50th Anniversary. The Brook 100 Club is for individuals who commit to donating or fundraising £1000 for Brook and we aim to have 100 members each year. The funds raised will be used to achieve three promises;

to provide sexual health and relationship information in innovative and creative ways

to identify excellent projects being carried out in local areas such as the sexual bullying project and training up staff across Brook to replicate them quickly across the country

to campaign fearlessly for improved sexual health with young people at the heart of all campaigns

The event was great fun and was hosted by Sam Roddick, creator and owner at Coco De Mer ( In the introductory speeches Sam told guests of how she has been inspired from the Brook v talent volunteers - by their energy, insightfulness and passion. She reminded guests of the importance of listening to and learning from young people and supporting Brook's work because it reduces pain and increases confidence and pleasure.

Alaina one of Brook's full time young volunteers told guests that we must do more to provide information and education to young people at a younger age, at the time that is right and in ways that meet their needs. In my remarks I asked people to join Brook in changing our ridiculous culture towards sex and sexuality and that we need to brave and bold in saying enough is enough - we cannot allow another generation of young people to grow up without accurate information and a positive culture which says sex must always be consensual, based on respect and communication and between people who are able to both enjoy and take responsibility for it. The time for change is now. If you want to help us in achieving long term cultural change do find out more about or become a member of the Brook 100 Club.

If you want to become a member of the Brook 100 Club please email to find out more - you can also go onto our just giving site to donate to Brook. You can also fundraise to help achieve our goal of enabling young people to enjoy their sexuality without harm. Contact Emily if you want to find out more (

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